Cervical Dystonia Treatment

Now FDA approved for cervical dystonia

DAXXIFY® is the first new botulinum toxin to be approved for cervical dystonia in adults in over 10 years, featuring proven, long-lasting symptom relief.*

Stay Updated On Product Availability Read Press Release *Median duration of effect, defined as time from treatment until loss of ≥80% of the peak effect (change from baseline in TWSTRS total score averaged across weeks 4 and 6), was 24 weeks with DAXXIFY® 125U and 20.3 weeks with DAXXIFY® 250U. In patients that requested retreatment prior to the loss of > 80% of peak effect, median efficacy remaining was 45% to 54% in ASPEN-1. Median time to retreatment was between 16 and 17 weeks in ASPEN-1 and cycles 1 and 2 in the ASPEN OLS.

What is cervical dystonia?

Cervical Dystonia

A painful and often debilitating condition

With cervical dystonia, the neck muscles contract involuntarily, causing abnormal movements and awkward posture of the head and neck.


Proven to deliver long-lasting symptom relief

  • - In a large clinical trial, DAXXIFY® treatment effect lasted longer than the traditional 12-week injection cycle for most people*
  • - Formulated with a proprietary peptide and no animal byproducts
  • - Low rate of adverse events (side effects)
*Duration of effect was defined as time from treatment until loss of ≥80% of the peak effect (change from baseline in TWSTRS total score averaged across weeks 4 and 6). For half of all patients, duration was calculated as between 15 and 28 weeks. 25% had >28 weeks, and 25% of patients had <15 weeks response. The most common side effects of DAXXIFY® in adults for cervical dystonia include headache (9%), injection site pain (8%), injection site erythema (5%), muscular weakness (5%), and upper respiratory tract infection (5%).

True innovation for the treatment of cervical dystonia

Hear from experts about the challenges of cervical dystonia

Dr. Joseph Jankiovic

Professor of Neurology, Distinguished Chair of Movement Disorders

Janet Hieshetter

Executive Director, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

Advocacy groups can provide additional information, support, and resources.

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Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
National Spasmodic Torticollis Association

The benefits of the DAXXIFY® Patient Savings Program*

For eligible commercially insured patients, the DAXXIFY® Patient Saving Program can help with eligible, out-of-pocket costs associated with DAXXIFY® treatments.

Pay as little as $0 for your DAXXIFY® treatment

Save up to $5,000 per year on out-of-pocket costs for eligible DAXXIFY® treatments

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